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Short n Sweet

I haven’t been here in a while have I? Apologies! 

So what’s been going on in my life – I have completed my vocals on the song I wrote with Don-e for the ‘Ladies Night’ EP which will be released shortly. Don-e has also been working with various female vocalist including Nadine Charles and Kyra Simone on this EP. I’ve heard a few snippets and the songs are sounding hottt so look out for info on that.  

So…I have started working on my new album 🙂 Sooooo excited right now!  I have a number of AMAZING backing tracks to write to and will be spending time in the studio with my producers moulding some tracks from scratch. Currently I am working on a slow jam 😉

Also more excitement! my forthcoming show supporting Calvin Richardson, please click here for more details ‘PERFORMANCES

The man in action

I’m hoping he sings this!

Anyways it’s a beautiful day in London right now so if you’re here enjoy and i’ll catch up soon