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Don-E EP Launch – 22 July

Oh maaan! Gutted! My phone died last night at Don-E’s EP launch. Didn’t get to take any pictures of his performance! The night was full of vibes though, up first on the night as support was Floetic Lara with her soulful set mixed in with poetry and her lovely backing singers, need to find a picture of their garments, next was Nadine Charles with a lovely acoustic vibe singing ‘Missing You’ then Rick Clark with his classic song ‘See You Along The Way’, then me 🙂 with my set, I could see the crowd jamming to the songs, some singing along so felt blessed the band were on point and my beautiful backing vocalist Judie and Ashleigh sounded amazing you need to check out their solo performances too!
Then the man himself Don-E came on, his vibe is crazy and he put together a great set of old and new songs including ‘So Cold’ ‘Wait in Vain’ & ‘Find You’ these songs had me rocking hard. His band were tight as were the lovely ladies Sharleen & Ladonna on backing vocals.
Oh! I did take one picture 🙂 with the legend Caron Wheeler who came down to watch and sang an acapella! It was a only a few lines but blew me away
Along with the live show DJ Bounce & Dave VJ kept us jigging neatly in between sets and at the after party.
When I get pictures from the night I’ll post em